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What are guys writing in their Home Pages today? Or girls for that matter ...
(I dont wanna stir up your feminist feelings).
What is supposed to be written in Home Pages of guys and girls anyways!
You got any ideas ???
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I am Gaurav Wadhwa, graduate of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology
(A very slow link ... but you can check it out. Its a newly built site under the supervision of Prof Ashok Misra, Dean Alumni Affairs, IIT Delhi ).

I was born and brought up in New Delhi, my favorite place on the earth. I am working as a Research Scientist for six months for the Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, IIT Delhi for the development of a monsoon prediction software. After this I plan to take up a job in the US of A.

So check out this place ... Its got some interesting pics from my trip to South East Asia, some of my cool friends, my favorite sites on the net, interesting stuff about IIT Delhi, and some really cool stuff you can use to build your own page.

Hey dont forget to mail to me Mail to me


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